How to export an application made in the studio to be able to import into the development engine

I created a BonitaSoft studio process but I can not export it so I can import it into the portal as an application, if they have an example to show me it would be great

How to publish a BonitaSoft process?

I developed a simple process in the BonitaSoft Community 7.3.3 tool, how do I publish this process for other users to access it?

How do I configure to a group have access to the process?

I have a process where I need to set up a group to have access to this task. I already have the group created in my organization and I already have members in this group, but when I execute the process the following error occurs:

Start process automatically

Is it possible to configure in Bonitasoft studio that a process starts automatically at certain time of day? I ask this because in this process, my BDM's are filled with the data of the external banks, and it may be that the contents of these banks change during the day, such as when a client changes address, his or her registration will be auterado, so it would require that the Process would start automatically at certain time of day so that the information is updated, something else that would be useful too, how can I reset my BDM?

How to get bonita process data from postgreSQL

I want to get bonita process data and want to show on custom page how can i get data of a process from postgreSQL of specific forrm/ specific flow node. Can i get that m confused pivot is not working on postgreSQL. can anybody help how can i get data from postgreSQL.

Script task


I'm building a process in BPM and I've sucessfully done it without script (automatic) tasks. Now, I added a script task that should run the script automatically but is not doing it. The script works, because I tested it on "evaluate" option in the script. I added the script on the "Operations" tab under "Execution" option of the Task.