Contrainte document MimeType "application/pdf"


J'aimerais limiter le type de fichier a charger sur mon processus en PDF uniquement.
J'ai ajouter une contrainte et j'ai définie sa valeur a :

Nom : OnlyPdfDocument
expression : return pjDemandeCompteDocumentInput.getContentType() == "application/pdf" ? true : false
Message d'erreur : Veuillez charger un document de type PDF

Sur mon formulaire j'arrive a charger tout type de document.
Someone can help me

Fusion de document PDF


jai un processus qui a plusieurs document (PDF) que j'aimerais fusionner en un seul document avec un nom bien défini.

Quelqu'un pour me mettre sur une piste ?

Easy way to save multiple documents to Alfresco

Is there an easy way to save multiple documents from Bonita to Alfresco dynamically?
I have found some instructions in the following link, but it didn't work for me.

[RESOLVED] Dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector

How can I make a dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector, so that the path is not always the same?
For example, I need to make a new folder in Alfresco whenever the process is started so that the documents for the process would be saved as in tree hierarchy as in /User%20Homes/BPM/Process1, /User%20Homes/BPM/Process2 etc.


Explain how to share a document between a parent process and child process (relation define using call activity).

HTML Widget Bonita 7, display pdf report

Hello programmers,

I am newbie to this bonitasoft, started with bonita ver 7.0.1.
When Customizing the forms, there is a high limitations in widgets.
Here the need is: Can we get the file(.pdf) stored in document, displayed, as we do with the object or else tags, embed src="" width="500" height="375" type='application/pdf', displayed as they do in normal html...!!!

Can some one, suggest how to analyze the customization in UI except the two videos, and the documents..

Uploading files to other locations

I understand bonita uses documents to store files uploaded by users however they are stored in the bonita database and for me this is unnacceptable. Is there a way to change this so it's stored as a file in a place I wish or is there a way to upload a file via groovy script?

Documents, upload - How to tell if it's a new Document?

Hi there,

I have a situation where in Service Step 1 I retrieve 2 documents from a DMS and load them to Documents, in Human Task 1 I see the documents, download ONE of them, edit it and upload the document using the same file widget. I downloaded from. The name of the file has not changed.

How do I tell if I've uploaded the document, rather than, as with the other file, just left it alone?

The documentID is not a good contender for this as it changes step to step. Is there some other way to tell if a document has been uploaded or not?

Document / Attachement not selectable at parameter values


i created a new connector for cmis-functions (need my own for errorhandling and some other features). I have defined some input and output parameters and it works fine.

My Problem:

[BONITA 6.2.6] getting byte[] from database to a document

Hi there,

I'm getting a byte[] from a postgres query but I don't know how to save it and then cast it to a document created in my process. I've saved the result of my query as a java.lang.Byte but I don't understand how to handle it afterward (I'm not even sure I should save it that way). I've checked the "handling-documents" part of the documentation but with no results.

Does someone have an idea about how I should handle it ?

thanks for any help, Paul