rest api

Return a subset of fields from REST app call to bdm

Using v7.2.3

How can we return only certain fields from a business data REST app call? We have a business object with say 20 fields and we just want to populate a select widget on a form. So we only need the value key (persistentId) and a display key. No need to transmit all 20 fields.

Old user icon not removed after updated with REST API

I am uploading user icons through REST API.

It works as expected and on first run I get my 1170 files in tenant work/icons/users directory.

The problem is when I run a second time my job. All the icons get duplicated on disk... The old user icon should be deleted when it is updated.

Start a process with instantiation form via REST Api

is it possible to start a process with an instantiation form via REST Api?

If I start a process by creating a case via http://../API/bpm/case, the process will be initialized without instantiation form. And an error occurred, that the contract of the business object isn't fullfilled.
That makes sence.

But is there a way to initialize a process with an instantiation form via REST Api?


How to call process variable into user interface in bonita 7 [ need tutorial ]

Hello guys,

I'm interested about BPM and I've installed bonita 5 and 7 in my computer.
I've created my process business into bpm modeling, and now i'm in phase of developing my business process into application ( UI Designer ).
In my modeling process, i've created a process variable ( Java Object - java.util.List [No Coding, Just Created] ) to stored my MySQL - query ( Created using Graphical Connector In ).

How to get all tasks for a user via REST API?


I want to retrieve all the tasks for a user using the REST API, not only the assigned i want to retrieve the *pending *tasks too as the Bonita Portal does.

I've been using this , but it only retrieves the assigned tasks. I didn't find nothing in the documentation about pending tasks.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Custom REST API Exception


I'm trying to run this example of custom REST API, but I always get this response:

{"code":500,"contactEmail":null,"description":"The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request","homeRef":"/","reasonPhrase":"Internal Server Error","uri":""}

The catalina.log gets this exception:

How can I pass variables to the process using AngularJS and REST API?


I need help with Angular/Bonita interaction in my project. I have a task - create connection between external web forms and a process. I watched Bonita webinars about Angular. In the last one I saw a good tool for this task(Forms->Redirect to URL), but it's available only in subscription versions of Bonita. Now I'm trying to make the same thing in Community using AngularJS and REST like this:

Add document (Rest API)


I' m trying to upload files with bonita rest API and I had two problems:

  1. To test rest Api, in chrome I make login in bonita portal, and created a case. In the same browser i open a new tab and in postman extension I build a request like this

url = http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/caseDocument:

data = {"caseId":"29","file":"C:\flexitex2.jpg","name":"flexitex2","description":"draft"} where my case id was = 29.

The server send back that response

Set list Variables with REST API

Hi ! I want to set a list of my workflow using the REST API in c#. So, I made this part of code :

set document with REST API

Hi, I'm trying to set a document with Rest API in c# (RestSharp).